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Mgr. Igor Penka

Attorney at Law

Igor works mainly with corporate clients with focus on internationally active companies owned by foreign investors.

He specializes in commercial law, especially in corporate law, business contracts, incl. joint ventures, as well as regulation of economic competition, legal advisory in development and real estate projects, tort and liability law including obligations with international element and protection of foreign investments.

Igor is fluent in English and German including specific legal terminology. He provides his clients with foreign language legal outputs, including bilingual contracts CZ-ENG, CZ-DE at a professional level corresponding to the needs of foreign-owned companies. He also speaks French and Russian at a conversational level.

Igor also focuses on legal representation of clients before civil courts, arbitration courts or other institutions. His experience does not include only representation in the Czech Republic, but also in the US, Germany and Austria in English and German language.


Mgr. Igor Penka

Attorney at Law, Managing Partner

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