About Us

LAW GROUP - premium legal services in commercial, civil and criminal law with bespoke and individual approach to your needs.

We provide our clients with first-class legal services particularly in the field of commercial law, civil law and criminal law.

We always take a bespoke and individual approach to your needs and at the same time we are big and experienced enough to successfully manage comprehensive and complicated legal cases.

LAW GROUP is a platform under which particular Attorneys at Law provide their legal services to clients while aiming on achievement of the highest quality of the provided services.

Through the connection of their specializations, the particular Attorneys of LAW GROUP ensure provision of legal services to their clients across a wide range of law fields, specializing mainly in commercial law, civil law and criminal law (please find more details about particular specialization in the profiles of each listed Attorney).

Attorneys of LAW GROUP are able to ensure provision of express legal services in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. In order to provide their clients with first-class services even in international cases, we cooperate with prominent law firms in the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia etc.

We serve both domestic and international clients, multinational corporations, commercial companies, individuals as well as other legal entities. We provide legal services in a sustainable quality which our clients including internationally active corporations expect from their counsel who provides them with full legal advisory.

Attorneys of LAW GROUP provide their services in the Czech language and provision of the services in English or German at a top level, as might be expected by a native speaker, is a matter of course.