We specialize in the following areas of law

Commercial Law

  • corporate law - forming, changing, winding up of companies
  • implementation of EU rules at the corporate level incl. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union)
  • legal due diligence
  • business contracts incl. drawing up contractual systems for large industrial works 
  • share / stock issuance
  • ISO Series of Standards
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • law of economic competition incl. unfair competition

Civil law

  • civil law contracts (especially purchase contracts, contracts for work, lease contracts, intermediary contracts etc.)
  • real estate law incl. transfers of properties (complete legal service for individuals, companies or real estate agencies)
  • bailment and escrow
  • encumbrances
  • joint ownership disputes between co-owners and their settlement/span>
  • settlement of community property / marital property and related matters
  • inheritance law and representation in inheritance trials
  • consumer protection law
  • property restitutions

Criminal law

  • defence in all stages of a criminal proceeding incl. ordinary appeals and cassations as well as representation before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
  • representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings
  • filing claims for damages incl. compensation of immaterial damages
  • legal advisory before initiation of a criminal proceeding (presence of an Attorney while the client is being questioned / giving an explanation)
  • consultancy and legal analysis as regards criminal law
  • elaboration of all legal documents to prosecuting authorities incl. criminal complaints

Labour law

  • setting labour law systems for employers incl. internal directives and relating documents and contracts
  • GDPR implementation
  • representation of both employers and employees in legal disputes in court
  • disputes over invalid employment termination
  • legal advisory to labour unions
  • collective bargaining, collective agreements

Construction law

  • complex legal services for real estate projects incl. their initiation, developing and changes
  • legal advisory throughout the whole proceedings for issuance of a zoning decision and/or construction permit


  • copyright law both at the domestic and international level incl. tax issues
  • legal rights of performing artists and their protection
  • industrial property incl. trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs

We cooperate with renowned patent attorneys in more complicated registrations of trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs.

Transport law

  • Transportation and freight forwarding contracts, CMR
  • Vehicle leasing and car loans
  • filing claims for delayed or cancelled flights (in larger cases)
  • ruined holidays complaints and compensation (in larger cases)

Medical and pharmaceutical law

  • shipping and deliveries of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • negotiations and representation in proceedings before the State Institute for Drug Control (Czech SÚKL)
  • representing in personal injury claims
  • representing in disputes with health insurance companies
  • representing medical practices and organizations in disputes with patients
  • legal advisory on forming / transferring medical practices